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The Law Firm of Richard A. Hostetler is a Denver, Colorado, law office that provides experienced representation for difficult issues in criminal defense, including state and federal appeals.

Attorney Richard A. Hostetler has been practicing criminal defense for more than 40 years and has experience with a wide variety of legal issues, including some of the most complex issues in criminal law.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Hostetler worked as a public defense lawyer, helping hundreds of clients defend their rights and protect their personal and professional futures when they were desperately in need of help. He shows the same dedication today when defending clients in private practice and in more complex cases.

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At the Law Firm of Richard A. Hostetler, we provide excellent representation in criminal cases, including DUI, drug charges, property crimes and homicide. Our decades of experience give us insight into complex white collar crime cases, including those involving alleged fraud or embezzlement.

Our experience also gives us a long view of every case. We work hard to defend our clients and help them limit the damage criminal charges can do to their lives, and sometimes part of that defense involves preparing for appeals and other post-conviction relief.


Appeals are different from trials in many respects, but the main difference from a practical standpoint is that where trials are primarily concerned with questions of fact, appeals are primarily concerned with questions of law. Because of this difference, an appellate lawyer needs a different set of skills in addition to those practiced by the average trial lawyer.

Our attorney's decades of experience give him insight into resolving highly complex cases and protecting our clients' rights.

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