Criminal Defense Overview

Even after a guilty verdict has been handed down in your case, your case is not over. At the Law Firm of Richard A. Hostetler, I have extensive experience handling even the most complex criminal matters, including trials, appeals and post-conviction relief. Whether you have recently been charged, plead guilty or were convicted at trial and are awaiting sentencing, you want experienced, strategic advocacy working on your behalf. I have more than 30 years of practice and trial experience and can effectively protect your rights to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Your case may not be over yet. Know your rights and options regarding appealing your case or seeking post-conviction relief. Contact an experienced and trusted Denver, Colorado, appellate attorney by calling 303-502-5976 or by e-mail.

Criminal Defense

Criminal convictions can carry serious penalties. Whether you are under investigation for a federal or state crime, or you have already been charged with a misdemeanor, it is critical to consult with an experienced attorney to protect your rights. I will aggressively defend your interests in any type of criminal case, including:

  • Drug crimes: possession, trafficking, manufacturing
  • White collar crimes: RICO violations, fraud, embezzlement
  • Theft crimes: grand theft auto, breaking and entering, felony theft
  • Violent crimes: assault and battery, murder, sex crimes
  • Drunk-driving: DUI, DUI accidents/manslaughter
  • Sex crimes: murder, assault, rape
  • Murder: First-, second- and third-degree murder, vehicular homicide

Criminal Appeals

I am a lawyer experienced in a wide range of criminal appeals, including state and federal appeals. I will take the time to give an honest assessment and evaluation of your case. You can trust that I will provide you with the information you need, so that you can make the best decision regarding an appeal.

Post-Conviction Relief

If you have already lost an appeal, state or federal post-conviction, including habeas corpus relief, may be available to you. I can effectively protect your rights to minimize charges and penalties in your case. Post-conviction options are limited and involve technicalities, including timelines and procedures that may impact the results in your case. I am dedicated and experienced in every possible means to set aside your sentence or reduce your sentence. You deserve the most effective representation in pursuing post-conviction relief.

For more information about appeals or post-conviction relief, please call 303-502-5976 or contact the firm by e-mail to speak directly with an experienced Denver criminal appeals attorney.

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