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Federal Appeals Lawyer in Denver

Colorado Federal Crimes Attorney

Any federal conviction will carry severe penalties, including an extended jail sentence and fines. If you or someone you love has been convicted, it is important to know you have the right to appeal. At the Law Firm of Richard A. Hostetler, I have extensive experience handling even the most complex federal appeals cases.

Your case may not be over yet. Know your rights and options for criminal appeals and post-conviction relief. Contact an experienced and trusted Denver, Colorado, appellate attorney by calling 303-502-5976 or by e-mail.

Honest Evaluations Focused on Delivering Results

I will give you a complete understanding of what is involved in a federal criminal appeal, as well as an initial assessment of the issues in your case. I am very upfront with my clients so that they have reasonable expectations prior to filing an appeal.

If you are considering filing an appeal, remember that timelines are very strict and require immediate attention. After a federal conviction, you must file your appeal within seven days or waive your rights. Whether you are concerned about a possible guilty verdict or have been convicted and are awaiting sentencing, you need counsel as soon as possible to protect your right to a federal appeal.

A federal appeal may be made:

  • In cases involving a federal violation, such as white collar crimes or drug offenses
  • In cases where a constitutional violation affected the outcome of your case
  • If your judge or attorney made a critical legal error that affected the result

Take Action to Protect Your Right to an Appeal

As your lawyer, I will take an immediate and proactive approach, reviewing all documents and transcripts to evaluate all possible issues for appeal. After reviewing the record and conducting in-depth legal research about the issues to be raised in the appellate court, I will prepare an opening brief setting forth the issues for the appellate judges and arguing for the most favorable outcome. The opening brief is the most important part of any appeal because it frames the issues for the rest of the appellate process. I have more than 30 years of practice in criminal law and can effectively file briefs and make necessary oral arguments for your case.

For more information about appeals or post-conviction relief, please call 303-502-5976 or contact the firm by e-mail to speak directly with an experienced Federal appeals attorney in Denver.

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