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Post-Conviction Lawyer

Denver, Colorado criminal defense attorney Richard A. Hostetler has extensive experience at every step of a criminal defense case: from pretrial motions, to trial, to appeals, to the post-conviction phases of a case that has lost in the Court of Appeals. Contact Mr. Hostetler if you an attorney experienced in post-conviction matters.

Should Mr. Hostetler take your criminal defense case involving drug charges, murder, sexual assault or white-collar crime in the post-conviction phase, he may ask for a motion of reconsideration of sentence based on rule 35(b) or rule 35 (c). Specifically, it may be possible through the application of these rules to take your cases back to trial court to raise additional grounds that you failed to raise in your appeal, such as:

  • Newly discovered evidence or
  • Violation of constitutional rights including
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel