Colorado Criminal Law Attorney

Denver, Colorado criminal defense attorney Richard A. Hostetler is fully versed and experienced in all aspects of trial court practice, from investigation of facts, to preparation of evidence for trial, to filing of briefs and preparations for oral argument. He is talented at developing a legal theory to build a trial case on, and has often been looked to by other lawyers for intellectual leadership.

Denver Trial Lawyer

Mr. Hostetler first developed his trial law experience as a public defender in San Francisco, California in the mid-1970s, and has continued practicing criminal defense law ever since.

After taking both the California and Colorado bar exams, he has practice nearly 30 years, with direct experience as both a trial lawyer and an appellate attorney.

As a result, when Attorney Hostetler takes a trial case, he always keeps the long view in mind: what if this case is appealed later on? He understands how to plan a trial case to include material that will provide grounds for future appeals.

If you have a criminal defense case that you think Mr. Hostetler should consider taking at the trial court level, but may need to be appealed, contact him to discuss your options.